Philomena Mason

Welcome to my website. I have included samples of some of my work for you to read. The Lady Gregory play and the Kiltartan Cross screenplay are linked in the sense that the protagonist in Kiltartan Cross – Sir William Gregory – was Lady Gregory’s husband.  Sir William was thirty six years older than Lady Gregory and he lived through the Great Famine in Ireland. This screenplay follows the life of Sir William interlinked with the lives of the impoverished tenants who lived on his estate during the famine.

I have also included one woman play about the life of Countess Markievicz much of which centres around her active participation in the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland and the Civil War which followed.

The other plays and Caring Hands screenplay are comedies set in the context of a nursing home. Enjoy reading and feel free to contact me either through Facebook or by email: philomenamason5@gmail.com